F2015 Art Book Exhibition

The Cesar E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o Studies invites
you to the artists’ reception at Untitled Café on the 2nd Floor of BROAD
Friday, January 15, 2016 from 12 noon – 1:30pm

HANDLE WITH CARE: Art Books from Alma Lopez’s Chicana Art Class

This is an exhibition of over fifty Moleskine Japanese accordion art books produced by the students below during the Fall 2015 Chicana/o Studies M175 Chicana Art and Artists class (same as Art M184 and WL Arts M138). The course provides a historical and contemporary overview of Chicana art production with an emphasis on painting, photography, prints, murals and activist art. Very few of these students had any training in drawing, but with practice and trust in the process, they were able to find their “inner artist” and allow that part of themselves to “come out.” The title of the exhibition alludes to all the hands the students drew this quarter, but it also reflects my own conviction that appreciation for art begins with understanding how much hard work goes into creating an artistic piece. Art is made by hand, and each student learned to care about this handmade process by engaging in it themselves. The hands in the drawings are posed in the American Sign Language alphabet.--Professor Alma Lopez

Abedi, Lillian
Abgin, Samina
Akaks, Sheerly
Barajas, Elias
Barrera, Valeria
Bravo-Lazaro, Francisca
Cañada, Julisa
Canizales, Alejandra
Cruz, Ketzalzin
Diaz-Brady, Isabel
Flores, Jocelynn
Flores, Miguel Angel
Fraire-Contreras, Elsa
Galeana, Alejandra
Galvez, Alicia
Garcia, Cyndy
Godinezgomez, Elvia
Gongora-Gonzales, Noelle
Gonzalez, Elizabeth
Gutierrez, Precilla
Hamilton-Lecky, Colleen
Hanukaai, Azadeh
Hurtado, Monica
Isidoro, Rosalva
James, Jaquine (JJ)
Jung, Jihee
Lopez, Stephanie
Luna, Diana
Mata, Karla
Mirzakhanyan, Tina
Montellano, Karina
Montes, Jessica
Morales, Leticia
Morrison, Roxanne
Ortiz, Allison
Padilla, Marco
Paramo, Ebony
Perez, Jose Pablo
Portera, Selina
Rivera, Arianna
Rubalcava, Amanda
Ruiz, Esperanza
Sanchez, Ismael
Sanchez, Rosemary
Takase, Reiko
Tavarez, Alejandra
Torres, Juan
Velasquez, Cristian
Williamson, Michael
Wolf, Jozny
Yagubyan, Greg
Zaragoza, Nestor

Thanks to the UCLA Art Department and especially Taña Barajas for helping us to coordinate the installation of this exhibition.

¡FREE Pizza! FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC

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