Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reflecting Post

In the beginning of the quarter, I went into class not knowing anything about Chicana artists and even less about the subjects of their art. I remember sitting in class having to write artist, and all of the ones I could think of were male artists, with the exception of Frida Kahlo. It was then when I realized how limited by knowledge was about the art field. However, as the weeks went by I was more exposed to different Chicana artists and their artwork. I learned what made their art unique not only as Chicana artists but from one another. Each one's artwork is an expression towards social and political justices. It is a way of speaking against the racism and stereotypes that have oppressed them historically. It is their way of defining who they are in a dominant discourse where they are usually ignored. All of the Chicana artists we studied in class were influenced by their culture, their families, and their personal experiences to a certain extent and use all of these to create unique artistic pieces that embraces who they are as Chicana woman. Slowly I learned more and more about Chicana artwork and their dedication to identifying themselves as Chicana woman. Learning about them and their art inspired me when creating by art book because similar to them I was able to express my personal life through the different drawings and sketches. However, in the beginning it was little difficult creating some of these images, but I saw them improve as the weeks progressed. Finally, on the last day of class I realized that I learned so much about Chicana artists and their unique artistic interpretation. Not only was I able to list more Chicana artists than I did in the beginning of the quarter, but I also had a better understanding of each one of their arts and what they represented.

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