Friday, April 20, 2018

Guest Speaker: Prof. Alicia Gaspar de Alba

It was really great and enlightening to hear Prof. Gaspar de Alba speak about CARA exhibition. Prof. Gaspar de Alba was discussing the art displayed in the exhibition and the use of Chicano art as a political statement. She mentioned that we as Chicano’s are not taught our history by our own people, and a way that we empower our communities is by teaching them about their own history, and a way that we do that is through art. Prof. Gaspar de Alba also mentioned politics of identity and raised the question of what identities we subscribe to. She asked the class, particularly the men, if they were “feminist”, and unsurprisingly not many raised their hands. This doesn’t surprise me because, although one student explained why he didn’t subscribe to that identity, and as Prof. Gaspar de Alba explained, many men or people in general misunderstand what feminism is and assume that it’s a group that “hates men”, which is entirely inaccurate. I do consider myself a “Chicana Feminist” as well as “Queer Ally” amongst other things, but it’s not necessarily something that I advertise unless some asks has questions or makes offensive remarks. I do support ideologies associated with feminism and support and defend my queer friends and family. 

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