Wednesday, December 9, 2015


These past ten weeks have gone by so fast. I came in the class not knowing more than 4 Chicana Artists. When Professor Lopez quized us on how many we knew I knew over 10 Chicana Artists. After the class I thought wow we know more than 50 so I was impressed even though I couldn't recall them during the quiz. What I liked was how someone in class mentioned that we not only know the artists name but we also know the artist background and work. I really enjoyed the presentations! I never thought that I would see a whole new perspective or as Blake calls is a reimagining of La Virgen de Guadalupe or La Malinche. I also never thought that I would grow as an artist and get better. I now know that I can get better by practicing everyday. I really look forward to taking more Chicana classes. I also look forward to drawing more often, because drawing like Pola and Alma said it's like therapy. Overall, I am glad that I took this class! I am even thinking on double majoring or minoring in Chicana Chicano Studies. I will take the knowledge that I gained in this course and apply it to my future Chicana Chicano Studies courses.

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