Saturday, December 5, 2015

W10-Final Post-Review

      Before this class i didn't have any knowledge of what chicano art was and the many many artist that are behind some amazing murals and paintings. Not only that but the history behind the Virgen de Guadalupe.. I think it hope my eyes to new ways of seeing the culture and to embracing it with a new perspective. I took this painting that shows that we aren't a minority and as a Latina born in the U.S i think is important to not feel under represented when theres is so much pride and values in our culture.
    I really want to thank this class to help me realize the we have so much to offer and that many are fighting to keep our culture alive. I really enjoy the passion each and one of the guess speakers have towards painting and just being chicano artist in our communities. I mean they have to go through great lengths to have their work presented and recognize. it truly remarkable and very motivating. I now know more artist and now i can appreciate more paintings,stencils, photographs and murals ...THANKS FOR AND AMAZING CLASS MS.LOPEZ GASPAR.

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