Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 10

There is much to reflect as this class comes to an end. I would never have thought that I would be able to draw hands and actually have them look like hands. I was also surprised on how proud and influential some of the Chicana artist mentioned in the class were for me. Carmen Lomas Garza was by far my favorite Chicana artist and it was very interesting reading a book over her life and artwork. At the beginning of the quarter, I could not name one Chicana artist. Frida Kahlo was the first artist that popped into my mind during the activity and I learned that day that Frida was not considered a Chicana artist, but she was a Mexican artist. Now, some of the artist that I can recall that have been most interesting to me are Yolanda Lopez, Judy Baca, Sonya Fe, Camille Rose Garcia, Isis Rodriguez, Laura Alvarez, Annie Lopez, Margarate Garcia, Alma Gomez, Laura Aguilar, Favianna Rodriguez,  and, of course, our instructor Alma Lopez. It was definitely amazing having this subject taught to us by a Chicana artist, which I would never have the chance to have had this experience in my old community college. Chicana art can not be specifically classified to be recognizable to one thing but is comprised of many things and aspects. There is no “norm” when it comes to Chicana art.

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