Saturday, December 5, 2015

Final Post

I am happy to come away from this class knowing having learned to sketch objects, and being able to recognize what those objects are. I used to have trouble drawing stick figures, and now I can draw a decent hand. It was a good experience to get into drawing mode and have it be relaxing. Drawing hands without putting too much pressure on myself became a way to cope and deal with small, everyday stresses. This was true especially with having a completed sketch book to show for a sense of accomplishment.

It was an incredibly positive experience to learn about and get to know the art of various "Chicana artists." I was moved by our guest speaker Carissa Garcia and her mother's experiences in creating murals and activist art. It's incredible that people can be so hateful and oppressive that they destroy someone's artwork. Especially when all it is is someone expressing their voice, and what they are experiencing on a daily basis (Las Mujeres Muralistas del Valle/the vandalism of their mural on farmland).

I enjoyed the student presentations and the different styles of art work by various Chicana artists. My favorites were Camille Rose Garcia and Jeaneen Carlino. Garcia interested me because of her pop surrealism style, and her attention to issues that plague the entire planet (such as our complacency and vanity). Carlino's art work are pieces that were fun (aesthetically pleasing) to look at, and she included more blatant messages in hers such as the word "Resist." When a culture that is looked at as a minority makes their voices heard, I now see a tendency to view those voices as controversial. It is important to resist attempts to silence our experiences, and to claim our rightful place as Americans.

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