Friday, June 8, 2018

Gender, Indigenism and Chicana Muralists

Gender is usually a taboo topic to tackle in communities of color, just as its been hard to tackle throughout the years. We have to understand gender dynamics in order to understand how equal representation can be represented in art! As I am writing this blog post I see that every time I type "Chicana" a red line appears and tells me to say"Chicano". This is very random, but this just shows the gender dynamics in society as a whole.

Chicana Muralist are an important aspect in history! Murals are often underrated in society being that murals are supposed to be on the forefront in society. Murals are a way for everyone to see beautiful unique perspectives on life as a whole. However, there is a big gender dynamic on who's murals are recognized. We know that women are not appreciated for all of the hard work they put out in society. Therefore, a lot of Chicana women's murals are often overlooked. There has been a lot of fights for equal representation. For example, In the 70s there was a big fight for equal representation regarding art politics.This carried on throughout the years, and because people have been tremendously advocating for presentation, Chicana artist are being more recognized.

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