Friday, June 8, 2018

Course Reflection

Course Reflection

I came into this course thinking that I would be able to listen to a lecturer talk about some interesting artists. However, I left with a new skill, a new medium that I enjoy and a newfound interest in art. 
For the past few years I have dedicated myself to graphic design and digital media. I love photography, illustrator, and any way that I am able to express myself digitally. I have also always said that I cannot draw with a pencil and have always had insecurities as an artist around drawing. To my dismay on the first day the professor brought out a little bag of art supplies and told us that we would be crafting and filling a sketchbook with drawings. My immediate reaction was to drop the class and find another way to fulfill the GE but after talking to a few friends about my fears, I was convinced that I should stay. After days of drawing ugly hands I found that comparing my drawings to other's in the class was less productive and finding my style was more productive. I started to get better and even on the third week of class bought a sketchbook for my personal drawings (something I never thought I would do). This class has opened my eyes to a medium that I never thought I could love and also given me a new appreciation for artist who work in that medium. I have been challenged as an artist this quarter to set my pride aside and learn with the rest of the class about the new hurtle that Professor Lopez had set up for us that day. 

- Elise Burgos 

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