Friday, June 8, 2018

Course Reflection

As I reflect on this quarter, I recall the highs and the lows. More often than not, I am asked why I decided to take an art history course. The answer is that my biggest step towards coming closer to my artistic side was through a formal course about art. As an applied mathematics major, I rarely get to express that side of myself, which I abandoned prior to transferring to UCLA this academic year.
This course has taken my outside of my comfort zone on multiple levels, and has simultaneously brought me closer to my interests outside of my major. I enjoyed learning about Chicana artists, and their role in cultural and female empowerment. The topics at hand are so relevant in the current political climate, and I was interested in the artists, and also my classmates insight. It was also interesting to learn about, and actually experience, the level of intricacy that art requires.

The sketchbook was probably my favorite part of the course. Initially, I was afraid of my ability, as I have never participated in drawing/painting to this degree. I was afraid of drawing something "incorrectly", but the exercise in which we drew hands without looking at the paper quickly made me realize how cool I think the imperfect hands look. Admittedly, I am still afraid of drawing, and procrastinated doing my self-portrait until the night before the sketchbook was due. Upon completion, my self-portrait is one of my favorite drawings, and I am surprised at the how my drawing skills have developed.

I came into this class with the expectation of dipping my toes into the art world, something I have put to the side for a long time. After learning about so many different Chicana artists, I am inspired in many ways. I am inspired to engage in conversations and pursue feminism. I enjoyed this course and am excited to continue to expand my knowledge about art.

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  1. I felt the same way! This class was definitely different from any class I've taken so far at UCLA but it really broadened my horizons and encouraged me to look further into art and feminism!