Friday, June 8, 2018

Laura Agular

Photography is very important in modern day society. It is a way to capture life experiences and give those experiences for the public to see. Laura Aguliar is an example of a notable artist because her work represents marginalized communities as a whole. Women should be on the forefront of all experiences, and Laura does use that. I am very appreciative of her hard work because not only does she utilize her experiences within her photography, but she highlights the importance of being a woman in society within her photography. She focuses on body empowerment, which is very essential. On social media, there is lack of representation of different bodies. There is only one representation and that is the normal "skinny girl'. However, women come in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, she challenges social normatives. Being a Chicana, she obviously puts her experiences of being a Chicana and a woman on the forefront. 

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