Friday, June 8, 2018

Reflection Post

Looking back on this quarter, I can say that I do not regret taking this course. I decided to join the class during week 2 or 3 because I was having trouble with my schedule. Before enrolling I knew I really needed to take this class because of the art making component. I deeply enjoying drawing and having sketchbook assignments as homework sounded great. So I made the rest of my schedule work around this class as best as possible. I was behind on the class assignments but I still enjoyed the work that I was doing and the knowledge I was gaining. I was not aware of how many Chicano artists there are and from a variety of styles. But I learned more about art through the sketchbook. Making art and really getting that hands on experience made what we were learning during lecture and readings that much more real. I learned that art requires a lot of patience and less self-criticism. I never liked drawing hands because they were so difficult but now I feel a bit more confident in drawing them because I was pushed outside of my comfort zone. Also, I had no idea that water color pencils existed! It was really fun to paint with the water brush. I find watercolor very intimidating because I believe it requires a lot of skill to control something as fluid as water. However, since I was already pushed outside of my comfort zone by drawing hands then, now I hope to have more courage to indulge creating more watercolor art. Thank you so much Profe for giving me the opportunity to combine my love for the arts with academia. It was truly an inspiring class as I learned about the many Chicana artists and the guest speakers who are currently working with art and academia; made me consider a career in art more seriously.

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