Friday, June 8, 2018

Mural Extra Credit

The mural currently next to Panda Express is called The Black Experience, completed in 1970 it aimed to draw attention African American history. I liked that we learned about the background surrounding the mural’s removal because in the articles I have read nothing was mentioned about the LA riots. The mural was created by seven UCLA art students in response to recent protest associated with the Vietnam war. The mural was covered up in the early 90s and was only recently restored because of student initiative. The mural is very intricate, but deceptively simple from afar; I think this characteristic was used a symbol for black representation in America. From afar African American are treated as monolithic group, but upon close inspection a lot of diversity and history is discovered. I didn't like the placement of the mural next to Panda Express because it leads to the mural being missed. Overall. I enjoyed looking at the mural and noticing the small details within the picture. I especially liked how the used one of the man’s glasses as a reflective surface.

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