Friday, June 8, 2018

Refelction post

At the beginning of the class I knew little to nothing about Chicana artist. I only knew about Frida Kahlo because I watched Frida; I remember watching the film as a young child and thinking, Frida is really cool. This class exposed me to different artist, who also embodied Frida’s spirit; some of my favorite artist include Carolyn Catasño and Judith Baca. I identify with Catasño’s work because I also care environmental issues. I also loved her incorporation of nature and vivid colors a I have always liked colorful materials. As for Baca’s work, I liked Baca’s community engagement; I have always admired activist leaders because I believe any change, regardless of how small, is significant. These two women inspire me to focus my efforts and to always keep in mind that change is possible.

This class has demonstrated to me the power of art has, in all honesty I viewed art as a leisurely activity, but know I see it as vital tool for activism. I want to incorporate art’s ability to heal into my everyday life; consequently, I want to improve my art skills so I can give my friends and family presents. I have always liked when my friends make me a present because the art s always tailored for me. This lets me know that my friend listens to me and cares about me. I really think it is important to tell the ones you love that you the, but most importantly show them. I see art in my future as medium in which I can express my love for the world.

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