Saturday, December 5, 2015

Final Blog

Interestingly, I decided to take this class on a whim super last minute and I am glad that I did. Going into the quarter, I had no idea what to expect, considering that this happened to be one of my first art classes I have ever taken in my life. I have had friends who have warned me about taking any art classes at the university level. They would tell me they were extremely boring art history classes and that there is no element of actually learning how to create art. It was such a lovely surprise when I found out that we were going to get to draw as a part of the class element!

Taking away from this class, I was not only able to improve my hand sketching skills, but also was able to learn about some extremely important women who are detrimental to the representation of Latinas and are phenomenal artists. I learned about their versions of history through their unconventional art work and I am grateful to have learned about them. I am not an artist and I know seldom about other artists but thanks to this class, I can name at least ten Chicana artists off the top of my head. Some of my favorite artists were Yolanda Lopez, Laura Alvarez, and Carmen Lomas Garza. These women revealed to me a whole new side of understanding art. I indulged in the idea that an illustration is not always what it seems to be blatantly depicting. There is always a hidden meaning behind most art works and I’ve learned to find the fun in looking for it. I had such a great time in this class, thank you!

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