Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Reflecting back on the beginning of the quarter I can truly say that I did not know much about Feminism. More so I was more interested in learning more about the Art that came out during the Chicana/o Movement. There is so much art in L.A. and I wanted to take it all in as part of the L.A. culture that I have become to love. Little did I know that this course would open the door to women political, feminist visions. A gateway to understanding the history of sexism in our religion, culture and society. I now feel more inspired to communicate to others how I see myself as a Chicana woman  and how I want to be treated. (In other words to be recognized for who I am and who I want to be, not to be constrained by the societal forces that limit women's opportunities.) I am taking a lot from this class as I am now understanding a lot more the icons that I see ubiquitously in the work of Latinas/os. I can now draw from the emotions that the artists needed to go through to create such work and I now know how to appreciated the personal work of others.

The highlights of the class in my opinion were presentations of the artists from the students and the actual artists such as Laura Alvarez. It was a treat to be able to hear the personal struggles and personalities that the artists' also come with. It is wonderful to see the art all by itself but much more enjoyable when we can hear the artist talk about their work personally and how they got the ideas to create visual political statements. All in all I really enjoyed the class and have been recommending it to my friends. In addition I plan to continue drawing as this class has proven that having a sketch book provides me the outlet to draw and release the tension that tends to build up from long arduous days of studying.

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