Saturday, December 5, 2015

Week 9 Blog

In my drawing I decided to depict a moment I had over the holidays. Although this type of moment occurred during the holidays, it s actually an experience that I have every time I'm home. Here I depict my sisters and I sitting on the larger couch and my mother sitting on the other couch. It is in this moment that my family and I catch up on what we have individually been up to. We take this moment to ask each other questions, make decisions like "where should we go out to dinner", complain or compliment, and give each other wanted or unwanted advise. I feel like in my family we all are highly independent, even as a child I was never home and was out with friends exploring, so this moment is a crucial experience of my family life.  This is my family's moment of togetherness. It is odd that I depict my sisters on their phone when people view phones as a distraction from family time, but in this case most of our phone action involves snapchat videos of funny things we are saying during our "real talk". We incorporate our 21st century ways into our home life, but in a positive way including teaching my mother about our fancy phone technology and recording her expression of shock every time Siri responds to us. I can still hear my mother saying, "That's just weird that your phone talks back!" and hearing my sisters laugh at the thought of my mother's awe of our normality. Since this was Thanksgiving holiday, I think I decided to depict this experience from the holiday break because it is moments like these that I am most grateful.

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